Paul Duplantis

Paul Duplantis is a Talent Acquisition Manager with Progilisys Solutions and Talent Acquisition Manager/Strategist for ProBIM Solutions which is a subsidiary of Progilisys Solutions.


With 30 years of experience working in staff augmentation, business consulting, marketing, business development, and strategic planning; Paul tackles each of his roles with a passion for finding solutions and aligning talents and strengths of people with opportunities. An ardent follower of leading edge communication technologies since the birth of the web in the 90’s, Paul incorporates his interests into searching out innovative strategies to affect quality of engagement amongst teams, clients, candidates, and peers. But he has found the best tools for success are asking questions and listening.


Paul has had a diverse career in a number of industries to include Tradeshow Sales and design where he helped the founder launch her company, Construction Contractor Licensing, where he served as operations manager/consultant for 8 years, and a Motorcycle Dealership Group where he served as Marketing & Communications Director for 9 years. In addition, Paul has worked extensively in the area of HR and Staff Augmentation serving as a Senior Technical Recruiter for both agencies and corporate clients as well as assisting with staffing with the aforementioned companies.


Paul has also worked on a number of projects over the years to include producing and directing a music program aired on PBS stations nationally, serving on the board of directors of an organization supporting Arizona blues musicians, producing and directing a short film, and creating and hosting a podcast on harnessing potential through emergent technologies.


When he is not working, Paul enjoys reading, hiking, playing guitar, attending church, and hanging out with his son.

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