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Managed Desktop Services - "By the touch"

Our history includes over 50 years experience providing enterprise level IT organizations with IT Strategy, Application, Network, Server, Storage, Desktop and Data Center support.

Balanced Enterprise Management

Meeting Customer Service expectations and delivering highly available and scalable IT Solutions while maintaining a lean budget and lower cost of computing can be a daunting task. Tip the scales of higher service at a lower cost in your favor by utilizing The Progilisys Solutions unique Flex and Surge Delivery Model; an alternative to the more traditional Help Desk and Deskside Service and Support models available today.

Simply put, our unique Flex and Surge Delivery Model allows customers to flex down their staff on-hand when times are slow and surge up their available re-sources when workloads soar, ultimately delivering quality IT Services at a lower cost.

Progilisys Solutions Enterprise Management "By the Touch..."

The Progilisys ”By the touch” Deskside IMAC Service Solution offers clients an innovative way to provide Deskside Installation, Move, Add and Change services to their customers at a lower cost. With a broad reach and our Flex and Surge capabilities, Progilisys is extremely effective at meeting client technology needs by offering Deskside Service Solutions at a cost efficient ”Cost by the touch” basis.

“By the touch”: Means never having to manage on-site technician down-time, on-site technician workload, or workforce productivity. “By the touch”: We solve your IMAC Deskside Service needs by dispatching Progilisys trained personnel only when the service is needed, realizing cost only when an event occurs – so you don’t pay for costly idle time.

Whether for daily support, medium to large scale technology refresh, or building or personnel relocations, Progilisys has the Project Planning, Help Desk and Desktop Support Solutions to meet your every need.

Is your organization ready for Balanced Enterprise Mangement, Quality Help Desk and Deskside Services – all at a Lower Cost of Delivery?

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