A Message from President and CEO Ken Crabtree

As I take a moment to reflect on those terrible events 19 years ago. I remember waking up to sobbing and disbelief as I viewed the events as they unfolded.  I remember the sorrow and the fear of what was to come.   I cried as I listened to the goodbyes of our employees that were trapped inside the World Trade Center as they called each of our offices to say goodbye.   I remember the disbelief of who would dare to attack us on our own soil.   Now I wake up in disbelief on what we are allowing to happen on our own soil by our own citizens.

Take a moment everyone to remember.  Remember how you felt back then.  Remember the patriotism you felt, remember the pride you felt for our firefighter, policemen and women, our hospitals, doctors, and nurses that responded and worked through the night.   Remember.  Remember you are American. Remember we lead we don’t follow.  Remember to be thankful for who you are and for the opportunity you have.   Remember life is what we choose it to be.  Choose to be a leader.  Choose to be a good parent and partner.  Choose to show your children what you would like them to be like.   Agree to disagree and embrace the point of view of the person next to you.

Lets stop the foolishness and begin to heal and build tomorrow.


Kind Regards,
Ken Crabtree
President, CEO

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