Jerry Black

Chief Consulting Engineer:

Jerry brings to Progilisys 25 years of experience in IT vision and strategy, solution engagement, project management, team building, and leadership.

Jerry was raised in Alaska where his family built a reputation of quality and customer service in the family’s construction business. Working alongside his father and brothers is where he learned the meaning of hard work and how it relates to pride in what you deliver and accomplish. At seventeen Jerry joined the ranks of a self-starter entrepreneur and started his own business loving every minute of planning, designing, implementing and growing his product and customer base. He moved to Phoenix and where he received his BS-CIS degree and has been a professional in IT industry ever since. Jerry obtained his MBA in 2002 while balancing life, wife, work, and kids.

Jerry is a successful leader who motivates and inspires teams to produce high quality results. He is a direct and to the point communicator with employees and peers and is excellent at understanding business needs and developing those needs into short and long term plans. He has led major enterprise level programs from conception through close and delivers years of experience in managing network and telecommunications projects.

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